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The Meyer Law Firm is a boutique law firm representing elders and at-risk adults in highly contested trust, probate, guardianship and abuse and neglect actions throughout Colorado. The Meyer Law Firm is known for its aggressive and successful litigation of elder abuse claims, trust contests, will contests, financial exploitation and all related civil and probate matters. Free case evaluations. Referrals and co-counsel situations always appreciated.
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Our Mission

Facing everyone is the prospect of having someone care for us in our old age. Whether a family member or a caregiver, we praise those who sacrifice and dedicate themselves to the care of our aging population. But there are those caregivers who take advantage of their situation to physically and mentally abuse our loved ones. It is those caregivers, those fallen angels, who we are bringing into the light of justice. By holding those caregivers and those they work for accountable, we seek to improve the overall quality of care our elders and at-risk adults receive and to change current caregiver policies. At the same time, we seek to fully compensate our elders and at-risk adults who have been abused. We pledge to provide the best representation we can and secure the most favorable outcome for your loved one.

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